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    May 22, 2016 /  Uncategorized

    When I went in the military, I had no idea where life would take me. I knew that you can be stationed in a variety of places, and I was ready for that. I lived in many different states, but I think my favorite one has to be Georgia. So, after I served my time, I decided to stay there. I began looking at apartments for Sandy Springs GA tenants as soon as I knew that I was getting out of the military.

    I had been stationed in August, Georgia. I really liked it, but I had spent some time driving around the state on the weekends and found some other areas that I liked even more. Sand Springs was very high on my list. I had never even heard of the city before. I just happened to be on a long drive one very nice Saturday, and I came across the border into the city. I stopped immediately at a coffee shop and went inside to relax for a bit and have a drink of coffee. I found it so interesting that I liked the place right off and wished that I lived closer to it. Then, when I drove around the rest of the city, I felt myself having that same feeling during my entire visit there. That is when I knew that I found the place that I wanted to move to.

    When I met my girlfriend, while I was in the military, I worried that she would have no interest in moving there to the new city I found. But she told me that she was interested in new surroundings and she wanted to be where I was. She said that she could not live without me. That is when I knew it was time to ask her to marry me. When I got out, she came too.

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