• 3 Types Of Horse Saddles Described

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    August 5, 2016 /  Pets & Animals

    Riding horses is one of the most calming times in the world, according to the avid riders who ride on a daily basis. There are many different types of saddles for riders to choose from and it is best to know something about the type of saddle you are thinking of buying before you buy one. Below you will find three of the most common saddles and a little bit about each of the three.

    General Purpose Saddle

    This is the saddle for the avid rider that wants to dip into every aspect of horse riding. You can do everything from jumping to cross-country to pleasure riding with the general purpose saddle. The reason that this saddle is perfect for every kind of riding is the fact that it allows the rider to change their position easily and comfortably. For example, a rider will find it easy to go from the dressage position to the jumping position with this type of saddle.

    Western Saddle

    The western saddle is most often used around ranches and farms and makes great working saddles. If you are in the saddle for many hours during the day, this type of saddle is designed to provide comfort to the rider and the horse. The secure seat for weight distribution and the horn on the front of the saddle for gripping make this a great saddle for anyone who is constantly on a horse most of the day.

    Showing Saddle

    If you are into doing shows on your horse and showing off your skills, then a showing saddle is a must-have in your busy social life. These are similar to another kind of saddle known as the dressage saddle, the main difference being that the showing saddle does not have knee rolls and have a much shorter saddle flap. This is the perfect saddle for someone who is interested in horse shows.

    These are just three of the basic saddles that you can get if you are an avid horse rider. Visit One Stop Equine for more choices, pricing information, and tips on buying horse riding equipment to help with your riding needs.

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